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History of Maidstone on CD-ROM

AUTHOR: J. M. Russell
FIRST PUB.: 1881

CD-ROM £20.00

423 page book as a PDF document on CD-ROM.

Text fully searchable and printable.


CHAPTER I Maidstone During the Middle Ages Roman Remains Derivation of the Name Maidstone in the Eleventh Century Meetings on Penenden Heath Ancient Courts of Assize The Hundred The Manor Newark Hospital Convent of Franciscans The Old Bridge

CHAPTER II The Three Kentish Rebellions Wat Tyler and Jack Straw Breaking into Maidstone Gaol Death of Tyler The Rising under Jack Cade Wyatt's Rebellion Allington Castle Wyatt and his Adherents at Maidstone : the Queen's Troops sent against them Victory of the Insurgents: their Advance upon London Surrender of Wyatt: his Death

CHAPTER III St. Mary's Church - The College Of All Saints The Archiepiscopal Palace St. Mary's Church Goulds Chantry Rectors of Maidstone License for Archbishop Courtenay's Foundation Erection of the College Death of the Archbishop: his Place of Burial Endowments Description of the College Buildings Masters of the College Wotton's Tomb The College Dissolved Pensions to Priests Revenue of the College: its Domain Lands

CHAPTER IV The Church of All Saints Archbishops at the Palace Chantries The Reformation The Rectory vested in the Crown Sale of the Church Plate and Vestments The Parish Register The Rood of Grace Burning of Martyrs in the Fair Meadow and elsewhere Grant of the Tithes to the See of Canterbury The Perpetual Curates: Augmentation of their Stipends Sequestration of the Living Thomas Wilson, the Puritan Incumbent The Tithes of Maidstone The first Vicar

CHAPTER V All Saints' & other Churches The Fabric of All Saints' Church Its Architecture - The Organ Loft Organs, Ancient and Modern The Original Roof The Church re-pewed Destruction of the Spire Bells and Bell Ringing Monuments in the Church Funeral Regulations The Chapel of St. Faith Ancient Chapels Recently-erected Churches

CHAPTER VI Nonconformity in Maidstone The Dutch Refugees John Gifford, the Baptist - Prosecutions under the Conventicle Act Ministers Ejected in 1862 The Early Baptiste at Tovil and Maidstone Simon Pine Joseph Wright as Medical Practitioner, Prisoner, Mayor, and Baptist Minister The Old Presbyterian Congregation George Swinnock, the Preacher and Author The Week Street Congregation Other Dissenting Chapels

CHAPTER VII The Fraternity of Corpus Christi Gift of the Hall in Earl Street The Fraternity sanctioned by the Crown The Brotherhood Hall Number of Brethren and Sisters at various times : their Annual Contributions Rent-roll of the Fraternity The Annual Amounts Chantry in All Saints' Church Feasts on Corpus Christi Day List of Wardens The Fraternity Dissolved Hall and Lands Purchased by the Town

CHAPTER VIII The Grammar School Founding of the School The Original Endowment The First Master-Benefaction by William Lamb Qualifications of Scholars The Master's Salary School Orders Payments by Scholare Gunsley's and Davy's Bequests Annual Visit of the Corporation The Master convicted of Manslaughter Eminent Scholars: Horne, Smart, and Pond New School Premises Lubbock and Randall Scholarships The Charity Commissioners' Scheme

CHAPTER IX Municipal & Parliamentary History The Portreve and his Brethren Incorporation of the Town The first Charter revoked The second Charter Representative Burgesses in Parliament Curious By-Laws Early Creation of Freemen The third Charter How Corporation Meetings were announced Andrew Broughton: his share in the Death of Charles I The fourth Charter The Kentish Petition of 1701 Five Justices Imprisoned by the House of Commons Thomas Bliss Disputes between the Corporation and the Inhabitants The Corporation Dissolved The fifth Charter-Corporation Feasts The sixth Charter New Town Hall The Corporation Rent-roll in 1822 Non-Resident Freemen Parliamentary and Municipal Reform

CHAPTER X Ancient State of the Town Leland's Visit The Manor of Maidstone Manors of East Lane and Wyke Population in 1572 Sanitary Condition of the Town The Plague The Bear Ringle The Queen's Players Conduits in the High Street Benefactions to the Poor Fearful Ravages of the Plague Letter-carrying in the Seventeenth Century The King's Mead Visit of Samuel Pepys Population in 1695 The Poor-Rate Smallpox Population in 1782 The Streets Paved and Lighted Street Nomenclature Old Inns and Taverns

CHAPTER XI Maidstone During the Civil War Storming Of The Town The Kent Assizes in 1642 Petition to the Parliament A Committee of Members sent down to Maidstone Petition to the King, and Suggestions to the House of Commons The King's answer Agitation in 1643 Cause of the Kentish Rising in 1648 Lord Fairfax commissioned to suppress the Rising Main body of the Royalists at Rochester March of Fairfax to the Medway Maidstone stormed Fairfax leading his troops to the Attack No Relief from Rochester Surrender of the Defenders Pacification of Kent Maidstone Men at the Trial and Execution of the King Old Soldiers The Fairfax family

CHAPTER XII Courts and Punishment Early Courts and Prisons The Court House Preparations for the Assizes Old Legal Punishments The Upper and Lower Court Houses The County Prison and the Brambles Cases at the Quarter Sessions during the Commonwealth Trial of Witches Tragedy at Lees Court Cases at the Assizes in Charles II.'s reign County Prison and Bridewell in King Street First person executed for Sheep-stealing Demolition of the Lower Court House Riot at the County Prison Visit of John Howard State Trial at the Town Hall Number of Prisoners tried at the Assizes List of Executions on Penenden Heath Public and Private Executions

CHAPTER XIII Trade of the Town Kentish Ragstone The Walloon Settlers in Maidstone Manufacture of Cloth and Linen Thread Early Cultivation of Hops The Medway Traffic Municipal Survey of the River Issue of Tokens Wages in 1698 General Trade of the Town Hop growing and Hop-picking Fruit Cultivation Brewing and Distilling Paper-making Fairs and Markets Market Buildings

CHAPTER XIV Old Houses and Old Families The Mote Vinters Park House Buckland Shales Court Kingsley House Digons Jordans Hall Old Houses in the High Town Hunter's House The Old Theatres The Palace The Astley Family Sir John Astley's Will Astley House Thomas Bliss Broughton's House Earls Place Chillington The Maplesdens Nicholas Barham's Will The Charles Family Julius Brenchley The Museum and Public Library

CHAPTER XV Some Incidents of Bygone Times A Monster Wonderful Crop of Wheat Visit of Henry VI Terrific Storm Smuggling Capture of Sturgeons Military Encampments on Coxheath The Troops Reviewed by the King General D'Hilliers at the Bell Hotel Review of Kentish Volunteers in the Mote Park Equipment of Maidstone Volunteers in George the Third's Reign Precautions against Invasion The last great County Meeting on Penenden Heath

CHAPTER XVI Endowed Charities and Charitable Institutions William Hewitt Sir Henry Cutt Robert Gunsley Alexander Fisher Robert Rowland Sir John Banks Thomas Bliss The Workhouse Maidstone Union Mrs. Duke Edward Hunter William Gill John Brenchlay Sir Charles Booth Mrs. Wright Mrs. Carter Thomas Robert Cutbush Thomas Edmett The West Kent General Hospital The Ophthalmic Hospital

CHAPTER XVII Maidstone Worthies Edward Lee John Hall John Jenkins Sir Jacob Astley William Shipley William Woollett William and James Jefferys William Alexander William Hazlitt

CHAPTER XVIII Recent Progress Old and New Roads Houses on the Bridge Population in 1821 Introduction of Gas The Coaching Days Railways Alexander Randall Water Supply The New Bridge Drainage of the Town Population in Decennial Periods Conclusion

APPENDIX 1 Members of Parliament 379
APPENDIX 2 List of Mayors 380
APPENDIX 3 Town Clerks 382
APPENDIX 4 Registers (totals) 383
APPENDIX 5 Maidstone Tokens 383

ILLUSTRATIONS (mainly line-drawings)
Maidstone in 1722 (from old engraving)
Sir Thomas Wyatt the Elder
East Side of St. Faith's Green
St. Peter's Chapel/Newark House
The Brotherhood Hall
Kingsley House
The Court Houses & Market Place, 1623
The County Prisons, King Street
Hunter's House
The Market Cross and Conduit
Pruned Filbert Tree
The Market Place, 1820
The Old Mote House
The Old Mitre and Fire Office House in Bank Street
House in High Street
Lower End of High Street
Houses in High Street
Houses in Week Street
Earls Place, Earl Street/Havock Lane
Houses East End of Bridge, E. View
Houses East End of Bridge, W. View
The Old Bridge, 1797